If you are looking for Hauke Lathus, you have found me. I like quality software, quality music, and quality reasoning. If you want to pick me up, mention Git.

If you are looking for Hauke Hachmann, well, you have also found me, but my name has changed in the meantime (possibly a race condition). Since this change is still new, some sources still cite my old name, so it's best to consider the deprecated "Hauke Hachmann" a real-life compatibility symlink to the new "Hauke Lathus".

To contact me, simply drop me a mail at hauke@lathus.de (no, I am not on Facebook). If you prefer encrypted mail, get my PGP key here (ID 0AFB3F83).

And if you have some time left (and can read german), check out some of my old idle projects over at pansensack.de (especially the card game Gress, which is really cool).

By the way, this page is valid XHTML 1.1, written with Vim.